Building a Brighter Future: The Benefits of Franchising

The world of franchise opportunities is vast, but certain sectors, like the daycare and childcare franchise industries, have emerged as particularly promising. Ducklings Early Learning Franchise stands out with our whole child philosophy, curriculum, and decades of experience. A daycare franchise is one of the best franchise investments for those with both a drive for… Read More


How the demand for daycare makes for a great franchise

When considering investing in a franchise it is important to research the projected growth in that industry to have the best chance at success. Is it stagnant? In high demand? Oversaturated? One industry that continues to be in great demand is daycare franchises. With more parents returning to working in offices, the rising number of… Read More


An Investment Guide to Franchising a Daycare Center

If you love working with children and have been in the childcare industry for any amount of time, you’re probably looking into a daycare center franchise opportunity. And you would be wise to do so! Experts estimate that there will be a 6.9 percent increase in childcare jobs between 2016 and 2026. This industry continues… Read More


The Importance of the Location for Your Daycare Franchise

You’ve heard it before, and for good reason. Location, location, location! When deciding on site selection for your franchising, location has a direct impact on your success. You need to take into consideration traffic, visibility, ease of access, and if your area meets your target market. There is a lot to consider when looking into… Read More