Support & Resources

Ducklings offers training programs and on-going support for all of our Franchise Owners. We put a wide variety of support systems into place, covering most aspects of your business. We get your staff prepared, provide you with the assets to fill your enrollment and get your school ready for it's Grand Opening! With 25 years under our belts, we've already defined the ideal path, so you can leave the learning curve behind.


Ducklings negotiates quantity discounts on behalf of all of our Franchise Owners, passing savings along to you. This may include marketing materials, uniforms, signage, collateral, curriculum materials and other items used in each of the franchisee's businesses.

Curriculum & Training

Our proprietary Here We Grow® curriculum is one of the greatest advantages awarded to our Franchise Owners. We train your management team and staff, making the implementation of our program an enjoyable experience for you, your team and your families.

Research & Exploration

We are always seeking new ways to engage our children, providing bigger, better and more forward-thinking improvements to the Ducklings experience. We are constantly evolving and continuously offering new programs to all Ducklings Franchise Owners.

Site Selection

Ducklings Schools are placed in locations where families are willing to pay a little extra to accelerate their child's education and development.

The location of your Ducklings Early Learning Center is important. Ducklings offers indoor and outdoor play spaces, fully stocked libraries, technology in all classrooms, all in secure, modern buildings. We have age-specific classrooms and designated child-to-teacher ratios. We identify and evaluate the best real estate options in every region, setting the foundation for Ducklings Franchise success.

Site Plans Based on Socio-Economic Factors:

  • Quality of area schools
  • Average household income
  • Volume of families
  • Existence of competition

Guiding You Through The Process Of:

  • Identifying ideal spaces
  • Negotiating your lease
  • Improvements
  • Rent deferment

We'll help you to discover a location that meets our requirements and that is ideal for you to implement our business plan.

Defined Territories

Each of our Ducklings locations are in a specific area defined by population, traffic patterns, and the community's needs.

Given the appropriate demographics, we have found this method of market identification to lead us to the most prime locations, setting our owner's up for success.

Contact us to find your ideal location!

Technology Resources

We provide a number of resources to our children, families and our franchisees, with clear advantages:

  • Our Online Assessment Tool

    Ducklings offers parents comprehensive and ongoing assessments of each child's individual progress.

  • Accurate Daily Tracking

    Parents enjoy receiving emails and seeing occasional photos and videos of their children actively learning.

  • Business management & accounting software

    Years in the business have led us to some of the industry's best tools. Streamline your recordkeeping into a single solution, from tuition and payroll, to expenses and revenue.

Blazing a Trail

Your journey to opening a Ducklings ELC is mapped out for you.
Getting your Ducklings franchise up and running looks a bit like this:

A Home

We Help You Find It

It's time to find a home for your new business. We help negotiate your lease and facility agreement. We establish a contractor relationship and oversee the build out (6-12 months start to finish).

Your Team

All Your Ducks in a Row

We assist you in building your team. Finding the right people and putting them in the right places is critical to your success. And, hey, we have done this before, so let us guide you.

Grand opening

Spread the Word

It's time to get the word out to families in your market! Our local marketing campaigns will kick off right before you open and continue for the first 3 to 6 months following your grand opening.


We've Got Your Back

We help you manage the operations of your business. Give us a shout when you have a question; bring us in to see your progress. Your reputation is our reputation and we want you to be successful and carefree!

We walk franchisees through the process of decision-making. Let's get going!