The Benefits of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

When searching for profitable franchise opportunities, it’s easy to see why childcare franchises are estimated to have a consistent growth rate through 2030. Parents need a safe and enjoyable place for their children while they work. That isn’t going to change.

There are a number of reasons to franchise, like having a strong track record and operational support. And if you look for turnkey franchise opportunities then you will have the added benefits of being able to hit the ground running even before you open.

Daycare franchise opportunities like Ducklings Early Learning Center have a proven business model with a 25-year history of success, as well as it being fully turnkey. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to decide to go with multi-unit franchising.

Multi-unit franchise ownership is a common way for franchisees to build out their market, increase their earning potential, and add complementary businesses to their portfolios. Franchise financing is not difficult to obtain, especially if your franchise offers guidance throughout the process. There are many benefits to consider to see if it’s the right fit for you and your business.

Create consistency in your region

When you own multiple franchised daycare centers in your territory, you have control over the performance of each, creating uniformity across all locations. You will not be competing with another franchisee for real estate, as you will have an exclusive development territory during your growth phase. You will also have consistent brand recognition throughout the area which leads to greater interest.

Scale your earning potential

Multiple franchised centers enable you to enhance your earning potential, obtaining revenue from a variety of sources. It’s simple math that more locations equal more revenue, but there are more financial advantages than that. Multiple locations also enable you to reach more caregivers and drive loyalty through consistency throughout your market.

Reduce costs through shared resources

Multiple locations give you the ability to easily share resources, creating an economy of scale. If you’re short-staffed at one location, you can call a team member from another location to fill the spot. Training existing employees to carry their knowledge with them to other locations provides your team growth and the peace of mind that they have all the procedures down.  

Standardize efficiencies

Most multi-unit franchise owners will start by building one location with an agreement to develop more over a pre-determined period of time. By the time you open your second learning center, you’ll likely have many of the kinks worked out. When you open additional locations, you’ll be a pro at implementing efficient ways to develop and open your daycare smoothly.

This is one of the benefits of franchising with Ducklings Early Learning Center. We have done this for 25 years and have learned a great deal over that time. We worked out the kinks so you won’t have to! We know what’s tried and true and pass that along so you can be successful.

Multi-unit franchise opportunities, like with Ducklings Early Learning Center, are a solid way to build your portfolio with a trusted name in the industry. You get the benefit of creating consistency in your region with your employees and brand recognition, as well as reducing costs across your buildings. We’ve done the leg work in figuring out what works best so you don’t have to. Hit the ground running towards success!