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It's One Secure Industry

The child care industry is booming - over $50 billion a year!

With 75% of young children in the US participating in a preschool program, the demand for high-quality early education and care has never been higher. Now more than ever, parents recognize the correlation between high-quality early education and consecutive success in their child's future education and growth. Parents appreciate the value of high-quality care and early education and believe that the rewards outweigh their investment. Ultimately, we've structured our business model to support industry influx, to drive long-lasting education, and to provide franchisees with a stable and profitable business investment. Childcare is considered to be a recession-proof industry, making this investment a solid one!

Curious how much a Ducklings Franchise costs?

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An Investment
Chock-Full of Returns

Okay, we know what you're thinking:

How much?

Based on our experience opening Ducklings locations and in estimating market ranges, the following list of expenses compile an overview of your initial investment as a franchisee.

Franchise Fee $65,000
Royalty 6% of gross
Advertising 1% of gross
Networth $500,000 - 1,000,000
Liquid Cash Requirements $100,000
Total Investment Range $512,900 - $1,496,000


Is financing available?

The franchisees may obtain financing to buy land/build building or will have the option to retrofit the right space. We have lenders who know the Ducklings brand and are familiar with the value of the business model, let us help you navigate this process and find out what funding options you have for your new business venture.

Are prior child development skills needed to own a Ducklings?

While experience is always a plus, you don't need to previously have been a teacher or to have worked in a teaching environment to start a Ducklings franchise. A college degree is recommended, but not required. Owners of our locations have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for impacting the lives of the children. Our franchise owners also like to have fun at work.

How big is a typical Ducklings Early Learning Center?

The franchised units will range from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet of space. Locations are typically in areas with high densities of families and children and good visibility, we have specific elements that we look for in a location such as permitting, neighboring businesses and other factors, but we will help with this process.

How Long Does it Take to Open a Ducklings Center?

Depending on the chosen site, opening a Ducklings location can take anywhere from four to twelve months.