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It's One Secure Industry

The child care industry is booming - over $50 billion a year!

With 75% of young children in the US participating in a preschool program, the demand for high-quality early education and care has never been higher. Now more than ever, parents recognize the correlation between high-quality early education and consecutive success in their child's future education and growth. Parents appreciate the value of high-quality care and early education and believe that the rewards outweigh their investment. Ultimately, we've structured our business model to support industry influx, to drive long-lasting education, and to provide franchisees with a stable and profitable business investment. Childcare is considered to be a recession-proof industry, making this investment a solid one!

An Investment
Chock-Full of Returns

Okay, we know what you're thinking:

How much?

Based on our experience opening Ducklings locations and in estimating market ranges, the following list of expenses compile an overview of your initial investment as a franchisee.

Franchise Fee $75,000
Royalty 6% of Gross Revenue
Advertising 1% of Gross Revenue
Networth $500,000 - $1,000,000
Liquid Cash Requirements $150,000
Total Investment Range $756,400- $1,719,500