Turnkey Franchise Opportunities Available

Ducklings Early Learning Center has three new turnkey franchise opportunities available for prospective entrepreneurs in Whitehall, DE; Newtown, PA; and Downingtown, PA. Below, we give an overview of the benefits of a turnkey franchise and how Ducklings ELC enables business owners to pursue their personal and professional goals, all while making a difference in the lives of young children. 

What is a Turnkey Franchise?

A turnkey franchise is a franchise business in which the franchisor completes the backend work of researching locations, development logistics, building and furnishing the property, supplying inventory, hiring staff, any marketing efforts, and otherwise. The franchisee is responsible for designated fees and running the business according to corporate guidelines. 

Essentially, turnkey franchises reduce the amount of time, energy, and expertise needed to start a business because of the proven business model in place.

How Ducklings ELC Sets Franchisees Up for Success

1. Successful Business Model

Purchasing a franchise business provides entrepreneurs with great growth opportunities without having to start a business from scratch. The franchise is designed to replicate a successful business model with full support, so the risk level is low, even during unpredictable times such as an economic recession. The corporate brand is well-established and has a loyal customer base with rigorous quality-controlled products and services. 

With a proven business model in place, entrepreneurs can rest assured that they are starting their business on solid footing.

2. Brand Recognition

Ducklings’ recognizable brand name helps franchisees attract customers due to market awareness. Ducklings is a well-known and respected provider of quality early childhood education with a strong reputation for respecting children and families. With our established track record and relationships with vendors who understand our business model, Ducklings can help franchisees find funding opportunities as well. In turn, this can lead to better negotiations for loans, real estate, and facility contracts.

3. Continuous Support & Resources

The Ducklings team provides franchisees with intensive training, branding standards and templates, and ongoing support to maximize business growth. From negotiating contracts and providing financing options to distributing curriculum guidelines, Ducklings offers franchisees a wide range of support services. 

Ducklings’ successful business model provides franchisees with the most effective ways to build a profitable business, transforming the local community education sector while allowing owners to meet their professional and personal interests.

4. Integrated Curriculum 

Franchise owners and employees have access to all Ducklings activities, lessons and teaching standards, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other owners and employees. Developed by leading early childhood education leaders, Ducklings’ unique HereWeGrow® curriculum is shared via custom digital sharing tools to ensure consistent training and lesson planning. 

Our unique program combines the creative ideas of qualified teachers with multiple recognized schools of thinking and data-driven research. We also evaluate each child’s unique learning style to help them reach their full potential. 

5. Work-Life Balance

Franchises enable entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy work-life balance by allowing them to pursue personal and professional goals while maintaining a flexible schedule. Franchisees can both manage their own time and succeed in their business. Additionally, parents who own daycare franchises can benefit from working during school hours without forfeiting evenings and weekends.

5. Financial Security 

Working in a recession-resistant industry such as childcare guarantees employment and financial stability. Ducklings’ proven business model reduces the financial risk associated with starting a new business because franchisees can leverage existing customer loyalty and in-depth market research to open a new location.

6. Vetted Locations

Ducklings has a wide selection of regions reviewed by our corporate team. We evaluate socio-economic factors such as population size, quality of local schools, the average local household income, permitting restrictions, and nearby businesses to determine the best available territories for our franchisees. Franchisees can choose between available locations that meet our criteria to implement our proven business model. 

Join the Ducklings Franchise Family 

Ducklings has been a leader in childhood education for over 25 years. Our students benefit from hands-on instruction, age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities, and daily social interaction. Each center offers affordable child care services and a variety of programs and activities for all children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Families can take advantage of drop-in care or full-time full-time care depending on their needs. 
For more information on Ducklings ELC or to join the franchise team, call (484) 607-8248 or fill out an interest form today.