Ducklings franchisees are given exclusive rights to our unique Here We Grow® and Shake A Tail Feather® curricula. This toolbox makes Ducklings franchises different from every other opportunity out there. Our one-of-a-kind program is composed of the perfect combination of multiple recognized schools of thought, blended with our degreed teachers' creative ideas. Carefully planned and driven by the children, our approach incorporates the latest research and best practices, while taking into account the needs of every type of learner.

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On top of our one-of-a-kind curricula, we have developed a sharing and delivery method for franchisees that makes using the curriculum easy! As the owner of a Ducklings location you and your staff are given access to Ducklings activities, lessons, teaching standards, along with the ability to collaborate with other Ducklings owners and staff. This pioneer platform was developed exclusively for our Ducklings franchisees and is one of the many tools we have developed to assure success for every owner of a Ducklings Early Learning Center.

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