Our People

One of the reasons Ducklings has remained so successful is its management strategy: find people who are passionate, give them the tools to create, and watch them succeed. We've formulated the same strategy for our franchisees.

To us, a partnership means that both sides benefit. When you jump on board, our partnership is just beginning. The support and guidance given to Ducklings childcare franchisees is provided by those who have built the business. We're not salespeople. Each member of our franchise team has first-hand exposure to the steps that franchisees walk through.

Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson
- Founder and Mama Duck

Mama Duck Since 1994
Kim Collier

Kim Collier
- Director of Franchise Development

Duck Since 1998
Sarah Vannello

Sarah Vannello M. Ed
- Director of Curriculum

Duck Since 1995
Jackie Hicks

Jackie Hicks
- Director of Site Development & Licensing

Duck Since 1997
Lauren Besack

Lauren Besack M. Ed
- Director of Operations & Training

Duck Since 2019

We Show You The Ropes

You don't have to be a teacher to own a Ducklings' franchise - or a duck.

We help you to build a team of degreed teachers and encouraging management. Owners of Ducklings Early Learning Centers have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for impacting the lives of the children in their community. They also like to have fun at work.

You make the commitment - we do the rest.


We're fun - lots of fun! And let's be real, fun is contagious! Our teachers use individual, creative, activities to teach children the art of learning through play. Children are actively engaged, continuously growing and discovering that learning is fun. This breeds happy teachers, happy staff, happy kids and ultimately, happy families.

Ready to start your new, fun career? Reach out now!

Ducklings Daycare Franchise - Culture and team
Ducklings Daycare Franchise - Culture and team 001
Ducklings Daycare Franchise - Culture and team 002
Ducklings Daycare Franchise - Culture and team 003
Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.
- Albert Einstein